16.02.2007 11:05

Organising of general meetings of shareholders, including:

  • composition of agenda, regarding the goal of the meeting;
  • choosing appropriate premises for the meeting, considering expected number of shareholders attending the meeting;
  • announcing the meeting by sending invitations to the shareholders and publishing announcement on the meeting in the newspapers;
  • preparation of legally accurate draft decisions of the meeting;
  • preparation of detailed procedure (scenarios) of the meeting, considering alternative decision options for problem cases;
  • registration of shareholders for the meeting;
  • fast and precise vote counting during the meeting using specially designed software;
  • professional chairing of the meeting, ensuring productive run of the meeting;
  • taking minutes of the meeting, formatting the minutes according to the requirements of laws and regulations;
  • informing shareholders and required institutions about decisions taken by the meeting;
  • registration of decisions taken by the meeting in the Commercial Register.